As of the registration date, customers are gold card members. And their member level shall be evaluated at the end of one business day according to their aggregate sum of consumption in the former 365 days by the credits system. For members who fulfill requirements of level adjustment, their member level shall be adjusted to a new level the next day.


Member Rights
Credits for gifts
Member price for everyday
Members’ day
Multifold credits on birthday
Black diamond member
APP foretaste
Birthday box
Gifts for spring festival
Supreme experience
Gold member
Diamond member
Black diamond member

Specifications for Member Card:

1、Members shall enjoy aforesaid rights correspondingly.

2、Member credits and rights shall only be enjoyed at offline store and BESTORE APP. And the third-party platforms (such as Tmall, JD and YHD.COM) shall not be included, which apply the member right regulations by the third-party platforms.

3、For unusual consumption and credits records by members, BESTORE shall have the right to freeze the member card and take measures for investigation and disposal.

4、The aforesaid rights and specifications shall be only applicable to members from offline stores, BESTORE APP, Alipay, BESTORE Official WeChat Account, brand account and mini program of BESTORE.


Credit use regulations
Credit regulations


notice on return-to-zero will be given by the stores in June and July every year. Return-to-zero shall not affect members’ level and corresponding rights.